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The Benefits of Floating

Boost Serotonin and Immune System

Increases Creativity and Mental Focus

Improved Athletic Ability and Faster Injury Recovery

Float pod therapy is the recharge you and your body needs and deserves. 

Float pod therapy is a revolutionary restorative therapy that significantly assists in the reduction of pain, stress and anxiety. Promoting better sleep, mental clarity and focus, boosting the immune system and all over wellbeing.  

It is the perfect recharge solution for everybody in all shapes and sizes, from teenagers to grandparents, high performance athletes, anxiety and insomnia sufferers, pregnant mums, stressed out business people, students and more.

Unplug and recharge while experiencing deep relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. 

For anyone who suffers from insomnia, they will know the impact that lack of sleep can have on day to day life. Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up refreshed has such a massive impact on the day ahead. Your brain functions at its optimum levels and you are able to make decisions, deal with stress and resolve problems while with focus and clarity.  

Even if you don’t suffer with bouts of insomnia, the rejuvenating benefits of float pod therapy will be felt in your quality of sleep almost immediately. Often it is things like anxiety and stress that interferes with a good night’s sleep. When you float it gives you the opportunity to completely disconnect from stimuli and stress, allowing your body to decompress and reboot and in turn allowing a much deeper, restorative sleep post float. 

Most people don’t realise how much stress and mental overstimulation they deal with and manage on a day to day basis. Modern society has become desensitized to a chaotic way of life and it is only when we allow ourselves to pause and take stock that we realize how much we need switch off on a regular basis. 

Floating is the perfect solution for the cluttered, busy mind that contributes to a stressful and anxiety riddled way of life. When you float you completely unplug from whatever is going on in your life. Drifting off in a weightless space, reconnecting with an inner calm and peace while restoring your body and mind. This has a long-lasting effect post float and can help to maintain balance while significantly reducing anxiety and stress long after the session is finished. 

Float pod therapy has been known to assist with alleviating all kinds of pain and tension in the body. Promoting relaxation and recovery, relieving aches and stiffness in joints and muscles. During the session your body is completely weightless and there is no pressure on any points of the body, allowing you to let go from any tension you carry with you. 

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Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Have a medical condition and not sure if floating is for you? Are you in a wheelchair or very tall? Want to float with your partner? Check out our FAQ’s and get answers to all of your floating questions.