Beginners guide & FAQs



Welcome to your first float! Even if you had floated before, this is a good place to  start and familiarise yourself with everything you need to know. 

Float pod therapy has been around since the 1960’s and the physical and mental benefits truly speak for themselves. The kind of experience you have really depends on your state of mind on the day and your expectations. Forget about everything you may have read or been told by other floaters – there is truly no substitute for your own glorious experience.  

We know that there is lot going on in your mind on your first float. You are adjusting to your environment, wearing nothing but earplugs and about to step into a futuristic looking pod filled with salt and water. We get it. It feels weird. You have questions for yourself. You might already be thinking I am going to snap this an upload it to social media. Stop there.  

Step away from all those things going on in your mind, unplug and embrace your surroundings – the music and soft lighting. Give 110% of yourself to this experience right in front of you and forget about your phone, your bills and your stress. Take a deep breath and think about your breathing, your heartbeat and the serenity of the room you are in.  

Take a few deep breaths in and out and calm your mind as you prepare to step into the pod. Start with some basic breathing techniques to get your mind ready to disconnect and relax. 

  • Refrain from eating a large meal at least 2 hours before you float. It will be hard to get into the full experience of the float if your body is busy digesting large amounts of food.
  • We recommend that you do not shave at least 24 hours before you float. Due to the high salt content in the pods and the sensitivity of your skin post shave.
  • Avoid caffeine, energy drinks and other stimulants before you float in order to get the full benefits of rest during your session.
  • Exercise before your float session will be highly beneficial to your float session. Get the blood pumping and increase the deep feeling of rejuvenation during your float.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before you float to settle in. 
  • Remove all jewellery, watches, hair extensions and contact lenses. 
  • Shower to remove all perfumes, oils and lotions 
  • Dry off thoroughly and insert ear plugs 
  • Step into the pod – you may choose to leave the lid open or closed 
  • The soft lights can stay on to help you settle in, you may switch them on or off at any time. We recommend you switch them off when you are ready. 
  • Soft music will play and gently fade away 
  • Switch off, relax and embrace the weightless feeling and drift off to bliss 
  • When your session is finished, gentle music will begin to play to indicate the remaining few minutes of your float 
  • Step out of the pod and return to the shower, refreshed and revived! 
  • Move to our private post float room, enjoy a cup of tea and while basking in the post float glow.  

Reduce Stress

An effective way to improve psychological and physical well-being.

Recharge the Body

For those who wish to strengthen their mental state and get rid of depression.

Experience Tranquility

We came as close to a natural power shower as possible for you to enjoy.

Breathe in and out through your nose – with both the inhale and the exhale being the same length.  

Slow your breath down with each inhale and exhale. Focus on the depth of your breathing and what it feels like.  

As you settle into to the pod, concentrate on the sensation of the water, the temperature and the feeling on your skin feels like as you immerse yourself into the silky salt solution. 

Close your eyes and clear your mind of thoughts and worries and bring yourself completely to the space you are in. 

Embrace the bliss of deep relaxation and regeneration of your mind, body and soul. 

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and work-related depression
  • Boosts serotonin levels and immune system
  • Regulates hormone production, decreases cortisol (stress hormone) production
  • Promotes relaxation and better sleep
  • Better sex! Less to worry about – better things to focus on
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Reduces pain and relieves tension
  • Improves skin and hair
  • Improved athletic ability and faster injury recovery
  • Promotion of creativity and mental focus
  • Increases blood flow and endorphins
  • Soothes tired, aching muscles
  • Boosts low magnesium levels

Soul Pods float tanks are single float podsdesigned for individuals to have a full float experience on their own. Which can be quite different if you have another body bumping into you and talking to you during your session, which can be very distracting. 

Floating during pregnancy can be one of the most incredible, spiritual experiences. Floating can relieve the uncomfortable pressure from your feet, spine and body as you embrace a weightless environment. Mums to-be who float describe feeling a deep connection with their baby as they float together in harmony. Floating is the perfect rejuvenation therapy that promotes a blissful level of calm and relaxation, rest and wellbeing. Floating is recommended during pregnancy only from the 2nd trimester up to 35 weeks. Floating during the 1st trimester or after 35 weeks is not advocated.  Please discuss any concerns with your Dr or Midwife and get the all clear from your medical professional before booking your float.

Floating is completely safe for healthy adults with no acute medical conditions that may prohibit them from floating.  

Floating can absolutely be considered for anyone in any stage of managing cancer treatment or in remission. It is essential that you include your medical team when making the decision to float as your Dr or Oncologist will have recommendations on the best time during the treatment process to float. And when to avoid floating – such as immediately after chemo or radiation. Floating offers a truly unique opportunity for the mind to unplug and heal. 

Exhausted and breastfeeding? We have got you. You can absolutely float while breastfeeding, you will need to express or do your last feed as close to your float appointment as possible. So that you can enjoy a peaceful float without any distractions. 

Floating can be immensely soothing for period cramps and comfortability during menstruation. Floating at Soul Pods while menstruating is permitted only with the use of tampons or menstrual cups during and after your float. 

When your float session is approaching the end, the music will return, and the lights will come on to let you know that it is almost time to get out. 

Our Soul Pods are German designed and manufactured with an automated filtering system boasting the most sophisticated sanitising technology in the world. Ensuring that each pod is sanitised to the highest standards automatically after each float. This in combination with the powerful antiseptic qualities of the Epsom salt solution which is also imported from Germany, can offer you complete peace of mind about the level of hygiene and sanitation every time you float. 

Soul Pods has full wheelchair access at our location and in our showers and pod rooms. You will need to bring a support person who will be able to lift you in and out of the pod for your float session. If you have any concerns, please discuss this with Robyn or your medical professional before floating. 

It is recommended that only children over 14 years of age may float. 

Soul Pods has more than one pod, so it is possible for you and a friend to have appointment times close together. Please enquire at Soul Pods if you wish to book back to back appointments with a friend. 

If you have just had a baby, are sleep deprived and exhausted, then there is no better time to float. We recommend that you wait for any tears or open wounds to heal from the birth before floating, to ensure a comfortable experience. We prefer that if you are breastfeeding to express or feed your baby as close to the float time as possible. 

Yikes! What a question. Many people don’t want to ask, so we will answer it for you, so you don’t have to. Some floaters on occasion may experience a tingling sensation in their genital region, not unlike having a small cut that has been exposed to salt water. This is not a feeling to be embarrassed about or scared of. And will generally settle after a few minutes. If you are concerned about sensitivity, there is an option to use Vaseline to protect sensitive areas or small cuts to prevent an uncomfortable experience. Please check in with our Soul Pod team if you have any concerns in this regard. 

We want to keep you feeling AND looking good, so if you have just had your hair coloured please wait at least 7 days to have your float. For brighter colours such as pink, blue etc. please wait at least 14 days after colouring for your float appointment. 

We do ask that if you have a UTI or yeast infection that you do not float as it will be uncomfortable and distracting. Defeating the purpose of the float for you entirely. Rather reschedule your float for a later stage when the infection has cleared. 

You can still float if you are claustrophobic as when you are floating you are in complete control of your environment. Soul Pods have lids that can be left open during your float if required and there are no locks on the lid. Even with the lid closed, you can choose to leave the lights on and there is plenty of ventilation. You are also able to get out at any time during your float.

People who are claustrophobic find that they can settle in quickly and relax with plenty of space to move during their float and don’t feel boxed in or anxious during their session.

Floating is like taking a bath and you don’t need to be able to swim to be able to float. Just kick back and relax and if you fall asleep you will always stay afloat due to the concentrated Epsom salt content that keeps you buoyant throughout your session. 

Everyone is different and there is no set time that is better than the next. However, we do suggest selecting a time of day where you won’t have to rush off in a mad hurry to your next appointment, giving you time to relax and slip into something comfortable before heading home. 

You will be wearing nothing but earplugs! So, don’t worry about bringing anything fancy to float in. 

When you start floating, we suggest that you book your floats on a 3-4week rotation. Once you are a regular floater, this frequency may be increased. 

One of the effects of living in modern society is that we are constantly over stimulated in our environment. Our nervous systems are overwhelmed with information, technology and relentless demands to the point that we are just unable to unplug and switch off. Floating in a pod, offers an unparalleled opportunity to just be able to completely disconnect from all stimuli – physically and mentally. When this switch off occurs, it has a ripple effect throughout the body. Combined with your entire body being completely weightless with no pressure on any points, you transcend into a space that is blissfully restorative and stress free. Just relax and reboot your busy mind while giving your body a muchneeded break to recharge. 

Soul Pods are filled with 500kg of high-quality Epsom float salts imported from Germany. A completed saturated water-based solution that gives you 100% weightless buoyancy. The high concentration of salt gives you an opportunity to float effortlessly and completely switch off and drift off to a restorative and deep state of relaxation.   

If you have a small cut on your finger or body you can still float, it might sting a little because of the high salt content in the pod. We have provided Vaseline to apply to these areas if you are concerned about sensitivity.  

You are absolutely safe if you fall asleep while floating and won’t drown. The high concentration of Epsom salts will ensure that you stay afloat throughout your session. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to bring your children with you when you float. You will also not be able to relax and get the full benefits of the float if you can hear your children in the background or are anxious about what they are doing. Arrive with complete peace of mind and leave them with a responsible baby sitter. 

You legend friend you! You can absolutely purchase a gift voucher for a friend to float. Out gift that other friend who always comes up with the best presents and buy your friend a membership.  

There are 2 hours of free parking across from Subway and behind the old i-Site on West Street. A quick walk from the parking lot over the pedestrian crossing will bring you over to Burnett Street. With metered parking outside Somerset House. You can view all of the free and paid parking options here.

Payments are made online via credit or debit card at the time of booking. Unfortunately Soul Pods doesn’t accept bank deposits or payment in studio on the day.

Float sessions are all 90 minutes at Soul Pods. This includes time to shower before and after your 60 minute float, as well as time to get dressed and ready for the rest of your day. We recommend that you do not have an appointment scheduled to rush off to after your float, so you can bask in the post-float glow as long as possible.

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