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Ashburton local Robyn Wall first came into contact with float pod therapy when she saw a pod advertised for sale. “I started to do some research and it didn’t take me long to get out there and experience my first float.  And I was hooked, I just loved it. I was super excited about the prospect of setting something up so others could experience the amazing benefits that it offered.” 

With a background in customer service and sales, Robyn started putting her plans into place for a pod therapy spa of her own. And Soul Pods float therapy was born in September 2019.  
After extensive research, reading and meetings, Robyn decided to source the pods from Germany. They arrived in port with great excitement, along with the German manufacturer who flew into New Zealand to install the pods himself.

“There is absolutely nothing that you can lose by floating. It is a completely natural form of relaxation with a multitude of benefits that continue to stay with you long after your float session has finished. I highly recommend that everyone gives it a go, it is an incredible experience.” 

Outside of Soul Pods, Robyn is wife to Dave and Mum to two school going children. A familiar face on the tennis and netball courts with her family, she enjoys an active sporting life with her kids. With a particular love for rugby, netball, basketball and tennis.  

She loves to take part in school and sporting activities with her children and spends as much time as she can making memories with her family. In between juggling work and family life, Robyn always makes time for a good catch up with friends over a coffee or heading out to a movie. 

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